Saskatoon Parking Rates To Increase

The city of Saskatoon is currently evaluating at increasing parking an additional .50 cents an hour.  This would double the current rate and generate an estimated additional $1.3 million dollars of revenue for the city.  The city of Saskatoon is going through a major change.  Our city is experiencing a huge growth phase which can be seen in many different areas.  The Saskatoon real estate market is the hottest market in Canada.  The Saskatoon unemployment rate is at the lowest it has ever been.  All of this means that our city is growing and as a result the cost of living will go up.  Parking is one of the many things us as residents of Saskatoon will start seeing.  Even though Saskatoon is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada we are still pretty fortunate as our real estate market is still affordable compared to cities like Calgary and Vancouver.  To give you an idea parking in Vancouver is $2.00 an hour in most places but can be as much as $2.00 for 30 minutes in some places.  When you look at other large cities we are still doing okay!

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd.

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  1. Sean Devin says:

    I find this extremely interesting as I have lived in many large cities across North America. I spent over 5 years in Vancouver and the parking rates seemed to coincide with a big boom in real estate prices. I have experienced this exact same affect in 3 different cities.

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