Condo Conversions On Hold In Saskatoon

The topic of condo conversions in Saskatoon has been a hot topic for the past year.  Many Saskatoon renters have been demanding the city of Saskatoon do something to address the extremely low vacancy rate for rental property in the city.  Many apartment building owners over the past two years have been taking advantage of the extremely hot Saskatoon real estate market and selling off their properties or converting them to condos themselves.

On Monday, April 14th after 5 hours in what the Saskatoon Star Phonenix described as a heated debate, a majority of city council voted to change civic policy so that apartment buildings will no longer be allowed to be converted into condos while the Saskatoon vacancy rate remains below 1.5%.  This could potentially be a big victory for Saskatoon renters but also could help to increase Saskatoon condo real estate prices in our city.  With less condos available on the market the average price will rise as the demand increases.

This new policy has not been officially passed and is still subject to another vote at council’s next regular meeting on April 21st.  If the policy is approved there are 14 existing buildings that filed for approval to be converted in 2007 that will not be subject to the new policy.  However any projects that were not submitted before the policy was passed will have to now wait until the Saskatoon vacancy rate rises above 1.5%.  It is expected though that the policy will provide special loop holes so that the city may still approve special projects such as buildings that have previously been condemned or else existing vacant buildings.

If you are currently interested in buying a condo in Saskatoon it may be a good time to start looking.  If the new policy is passed it will have an impact on Saskatoon condo prices.  Whether you are looking at buying or selling a condo in the Saskatoon real estate market be sure to contact me!

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd.

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