Tap Water Vs Bottled Water

After the weird Saskatoon weather we have been getting, I think we all notice how global warming is impacting our country and planet.

One of the things I like to do for my Saskatoon real estate clients if give them the information on how to sign up for a recycling program here called Saskatoon Curbside Recycling. I use it myself and love it, so I like to introduce 

I just listened to an interesting story about how plastic water bottles are impacting our environment. Did you know that 90% of these end up in the landfills!

By getting a water filter on your tap a person will keep approx 300 bottles out of the landfills each year.

Most people can’t distinguish the difference during taste tests, the taste tests actually had very surprising results, many people preferred tap water!

Get an under counter system and a reusable bottle each day

Save money and help the environment!

Check out this websitewhich was made by Brita and Nalgene

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd.

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