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About a month ago I was contacted by CBC National to speak about the real estate market in Saskatoon and to set them up with one of my many clients from Alberta that was migrating to Saskatchewan. I was thrilled at the opportunity and put them in touch with one of my candid and fun clients; I had many to choose from though, it was hard! But I put them in contact with one of my clients who, when I asked ‘Why are you moving to Saskatoon” he quoted “We are following the money!” so I figured he and his wife would be the best ones to talk to.

Just last week I met up with one of the producers who came out to Saskatoon to do a story on real estate in Saskatchewan and how the Saskatoon real estate boom has affected everyone; good and bad. I spent a few hours with him over 2 days and we had a blast. He wanted to learn about housing prices in Saskatoon and how they changed over the past 16 months so we did a few drive bys in different locations to go over the prices from late 2006 and early 2007 until now. I am hoping they don’t put too negative of a spin on how real estate has impacted Saskatoon and Saskatchewan as I would say that most of us notice when the media grabs on to our market boom and that almost scares people away. Some people think we have maxed out, but with the mining sectors doubling in size in the next few years, people have to move here from somewhere! Sure right now we are experiencing more listings than we have seen in the Saskatoon real estate market for over a year, but we are finally in a more balanced market again. People are dropping some of their prices to be more appropriate, but that doesn’t mean house prices are falling in Saskatoon. So for people who are thinking of investing in the future of Saskatoon and looking for properties to rent to the loads of people who have no where to live, this is a great time to buy a home in Saskatoon. Buyers and investors don’t have to buy without seeing, they have the luxury now of choosing from a few properties for sale in Saskatoon. So, for those who are scared to buy as they are fearing a recession from the US, I say you must be more aware of what is happening in Saskatchewan’s economy as it is strong and unlike the US in any way!

So, I will post another blog when I know the story will be aired!

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd.

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