Dying To Twitter

I am a Saskatoon realtor ® who is all for technology and utilizing the latest tools with technology. I recently signed up for a Twitter account. I am still not quite sure how I plan to use my Twitter account to better my Saskatoon Real Estate career…perhaps updates on new listings, recent sales, etc.

I do know that I do not plan to use my Twitter while sitting in a bathtub full of water while my laptop is plugged into the wall. Unfortunately, there are those out there who do Twitter whilst tubbing…which is definitely odd no matter what, but definitely not a good idea while your laptop is not running just on battery power.

Recently, in Romania a 17 year old girl had something of a marathon Tweet session while in the tub. Her battery died so she proceeded to plug her laptop into the wall. Unfortunately, GFI plugs must not be mandatory there like they are in North America, as she was discovered dead this past weekend, after dropping her laptop in the tub. Whether she had wet hands when she plugged it in or it slipped while she was in the tub is unclear, but what is clear is that bathtubs and laptops don’t mix.

It is unfortunate that such a death occurred, although I have a feeling we will be reading about this one in the popular bathroom series, best selling The Darwin Awards…which is safe to read in the tub as long as it is in paperback or hardcover, not online.

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd.

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