What Saskatoon Real Estate Zoning Means

The Saskatoon real estate market can be confusing at the best of times, but then there are all the codes that come along to confuse you further. These codes reflect Saskatoon residential real estate, commercial real estate in Saskatoon has other codes that you can ask me about.

In Saskatoon Real Estate, here are some of the most common Zoning Codes that you will see:

  • R1-large lot for one unit dwelling
  • R1A-normal lot for one unit dwelling
  • R1B-small lot for one unit dwelling
  • R2-one and two unit dwellings
  • RMHC-mobile home court district
  • RMHL-mobile homes on individual sites
  • R2A-low density residential infill district for one and two unit dwellings
  • RMTN-townhouse residential district
  • RM1-low density (1-4 units) multiple unit dwellings
  • RM2-low/medium density multiple unit dwellings
  • RM3-medium density multiple unit dwelling
  • RM4-medium/high density multiple unit dwelling
  • RM5-high density multiple unit dwelling

When looking at purchasing real estate in Saskatoon zoning can be important depending on what your future plans are for the lot and depending on what is currently in the house. If you are in a Saskatoon neighbourhood that is zoned R1 and you have 3 suites, the city of Saskatoon can enforce the zoning laws if they find out you have 3 suites. They can enforce you to take the suites out (which is generally removing the kitchens in them).

So this should make the zoning in Saskatoon a bit more clear, but you can always look at the City of SaskatoonÂ’s website for a more in depth look before purchasing real estate in Saskatoon.

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd.

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