2009 Awards Gala

I was off to Regina, Sk last week for the annual Century 21 Awards ceremony for Saskatchewan Century 21 Agents. We had some great speakers and a lovely awards ceremony and I was proud to see my fellow Saskatoon realtors(r) winning awards. Approximately 70% of Saskatoon Century 21 Agents won an award and Century 21 Conexus Saskatoon in the Top 10 for all of Canada for production.

It is always exciting to watch my fellow Saskatoon real estate agents winning their awards and being recognized for their hard work and dedication. Our job is much more than just selling houses for sale in Saskatoon, it is a lifestyle. Most people don’t understand the hard work and sacrifice it takes to be a successful real estate agent in Saskatoon or anywhere for that matter. While we don’t get paid by the hour, there are many people who treat realtors (r) in Saskatoon as they do and don’t appreciate the hard work that goes into this lifestyle. They often see that we are driving around Saskatoon and surrounding area in┬ánice vehicles and aren’t stuck in an office all day long. They don’t see the late nights, running out at all hours, missing time with family and friends so that you can ensure you get your clients their dream house for sale in Saskatoon or to ensure our clients selling their homes in Saskatoon get the best offer. Our vehicle IS our office most of the time so it should be nice and comfortable! So thanks to my colleagues dedication and hard work there were many of us who won awards for selling homes for sale in Saskatoon and we beat out much of Canada with our productivity and hard work.

I knew that I was a Century 21 Centurion Award winner but I didn’t know that I was #49 in the company for units sold and #69 in the company for overall production until today. I am an energetic Saskatoon real estate agent who loves what I do so I am proud of my success and proud to be a realtor (r) in Saskatoon. We have a great city with a great energy and I love to call Saskatoon home.

Thank you to all of my clients, friends and family for your support, understanding, and your open ears when I need to vent my frustrations or exlaim my excitement!! I am happy to be a top producing agent in a great company as Century 21 Saskatoon has a strong team of support staff and Saskatoon real estate agents who work as a team even though we are each individuals.

Kari Calder
Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd
Saskatoon, Sk

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