New Development in Saskatoon

Saskatoon is growing again! There seems like an endless number of projects that are taking place and that means growth in Saskatoon employment as well as finding enough workers and housing challenges. While there are enough houses for sale in Saskatoon at the moment people still need to qualify to buy a house for sale in Saskatoon.

While some of these projects aren’t necessarily bringing in new workers but keeping our local workers busy, there are a few projects that will be creating even more jobs therefore bringing more workers to Saskatoon who will be in need for Saskatoon houses. Saskatoon employment is in demand. More than 750000 visits to is evidence that people are still looking at Saskatoon and at Saskatchewan for employment.

One of the largest projects is the Jansen Potash Mine which is 14o KM east of Saskatoon and this is owned by BHP Billiton Saskatoon. This is the largest mining company in the world! This project will be in excess of billions spent and a large hire of skilled labour.

River landing project in Saskatoon is still moving forward. This will have a 5 star hotel (our first!) combined with a condo tower with a large commercial space and underground parking. This will be a great asset to Saskatoon real estate and to our downtown.

Willowgrove also announces the New Family Catholic Elementary School.

And then there is the road work…the construction on our Saskatoon roads never seems to end but in this case I am pleased as a Saskatoon real estate agent as it will help me work more efficiently…once the growing pains are over!

There is $310 Million allocated for the South End/Circle Drive bridge and another $33 Million for the new Circle Drive and Preston Avenue overpass.

And to further welcome more new faces to Saskatoon we are getting a $30 Million major expansion and renovation at the Saskatoon International Airport.

Kari Calder
Century 21 Conexus Saskatoon

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