Check Your Bank Accounts Saskatoon!

I was just on facebook and saw a note from one of my Saskatoon real estate clients/friends who was victim to ‘card skimming’. I am not sure how much money she lost but I do hope that she is reimbursed as she is a wonderful person who works very hard for her money. As a realtor in Saskatoon¬† I meet many people and stay in touch with as many as I can and it is so hard to hear about a wonderful individual being stolen from. So not fair.

There was an article on News Talk CKOM about the card skimming. Apparently a number of members from Affinity Credit Union were affected but there is not yet a report of how many people were affected or how much money was stolen.

I am glad that I took the weekend off real estate in Saskatoon (well, the weekend from showing my first time home buyers in Saskatoon some houses for sale in Saskatoon) to go home and avoid the latest debit card scam that affected a few of my friends here in Saskatoon.

Apparently they do have someone in custody so I hope that karma and the law gives them what they deserve!

Kari Calder
Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd
Saskatoon, Sk

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