I Thought We Had Traffic Problems!

Residents of Saskatoon, be happy with our commuting time even during construction season. As a Saskatoon realtor I get a bit annoyed during construction season as I sometimes get caught up in traffic or can see the Saskatoon house for sale that I want to show my Saskatoon home buyer but I can’t quite get to the house for sale in Saskatoon by car…which is why we have feet! I recently read an article in the Star Phoenix where thousands of vehicles going to Beijing were in a traffic jam-for some up to 9 days!?

The reason for their traffic jam is the same as our traffic slowness, maintenance projects. Trucks that have been carrying more than 8 tonnes of cargo (coal or fruit) are responsible for damaging the roads. The don’t expect the delays to be up until mid-September.

Many of the drivers passed the time sleeping, reading, texting (can this be considered texting while driving? Lets hope for their sanity no!)

But, these traffic jams have been good for some. Hotels have popped up along this stretch of road as it is known to be problematic.

Traffic won’t get any better in Beijing. According to one traffic official the amount of new cars on the road in Beijing increases 1900 per day. The average speed of a car during morning commuting hour is 14.5 mph and by 2015 it is expected to drop to 9 mph. Los Angeles has similar traffic issues but their average speed during the morning commute is 20 mph.

The Chinese are developing what they call a “super bus” which would straddle 2 lanes of traffic and allow cars to drive underneath which would transport as many as 1400 commuters. It is expected to be tested for the first time in coming months. Wouldn’t a train be easier and safer?

SO the next time a Saskatoonian complains about their 20 minute commute be thankful we aren’t in Beijing!

As a Saskatoon realtor I drive a lot showing houses for sale in Saskatoon so I tend to get a bit cranky if I get caught up and am even a few minutes late for an appointment. The next time I am out showing houses for sale in Saskatoon I will be happy that I am a realtor in Saskatoon and not trying to sell real estate in China!

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Realtor (r)
Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd

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