Come ON Star Phoenix, Why Print Garbage Like This?

You know we are lacking in newsworthy articles when the Star Phoenix chooses to print something as obscure and silly as this article, which is basically mortgage and real estate terms for dummies. I am sure they meant it to be fun but it is misleading and lacks professionalism.

As a Saskatoon real estate agent this article did put a bee in my bonnet…or burn my bunns…or whatever other choice phrase one may have for getting annoyed. There should have been a nice big disclaimer that this article was a joke. Example-portable mortgage-a mortgage for a motor home. Okay, that is sort of funny, I am not totally humorless, but I still think as a Saskatoon realtor (r) there needs to be follow up.

I did enjoy one of the comments made:

I guess an early morning Boomer is sitting tight, waiting for a house which was upgraded to his delight, and wants it for 1980’s price. Sure! wait for prices to drop to “historical” standards.
If anyone ever dealt with a real estate agent (in Saskatoon) or a mortgage broker, they know how much work is done by them, and if they are lucky after all the work is done, the client may choose to stay with the sucker who did ALL the work to help the client with their best possible result.
There should be a service fee charged like that charged by servicemen who just come to give you an estimate, refundable if you use their expertise.

This was an anonymous post but as a Saskatoon real estate agent I wanted to hug this person! I can’t tell you how many hours and days and months some times I have dealt with a potential Saskatoon home buyer or someone looking to put their Saskatoon house for sale only to get burned when they decide to use the price I worked out for them to list their house for sale in Saskatoon privately or with an agent who is willing to list it for less commission (but you do get what you pay for as some of those same Saskatoon real estate agents have openly told me before what their sellers would take as a low offer, so did saving $1000 cost the sellers a lot more, yep!).

I am an honest, ethical, hardworking Saskatoon real estate agent with Century 21 Saskatoon¬†and I know that many people have had bad experiences with some of my colleagues. I know that my integrity and hard work will keep me successful in my Saskatoon real estate career but give me peace of mind. There are definitely some of my colleagues who I wonder how they sleep at night. They would answer “very well” but there are lots of us Saskatoon realtors who are doing a good and honest job who get judged by the bad ones.

Kari Calder
Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd

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