Who Really Wins in a Messy Divorce?

Buying lottery tickets in Saskatoon with the aim to win the largest prize of all, the Lottery Showhome, is commonplace in Saskatoon and we have many opportunities every year. The Lottery Showhomes, typically located at the presitgious Saskatoon Willows Golf Course and subdivision, are always stunning and jam packed with hopeful ticket buyers. It all goes to a good cause with proceeds going to various charity organizations.

A recent CBC story about previous Lottery showhome winners really struck close to home as I was personally involved in the attempt to sell the home that was the centre of a long dispute between an estranged husband and wife. CBC news reported that my 1/2 of the sellers won the battle but it would be hard to say anyone ‘won’ in this case. Knowing my client as I do and the relationship he has with his boys I am happy it has all worked out for him but the expense and more importantly the time spent fighting is something they can’t get back.

Often when we see Saskatoon houses for sale they are the result of something negative like a separation, divorce, death, etc. Always a nice change when I meet sellers of Saskatoon homes who are selling their home in Saskatoon because they are combining households with marriage. Unfortunately though divorce definitely keeps the Saskatoon real estate market, and any other market in north america for sure, busy.

Moral of the story; money doesn’t buy happiness. Having a house is not necessarily having a home.

Kari Calder
Century 21 Fusion

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