Thank You Star Phoenix-Saskatoon Does Have People Willing to Help

I really enjoy it when the Star Phoenix in Saskatoon supports positive stories in the media as the news generally seems so dark and depressing. I’m not sure how often they print these articles but I think they should be at least once a week to remind people to take some time to help people in need and to remind us that there are still honest people out there who will return your wallet if you drop it instead of stripping it bare and leaving it in a dumpster. Way to go Saskatoon!

Like lawyers, there are a lot of people that give real estate agents a bad rap and, unfortunately, in the Saskatoon real estate community I understand why people often have a bad perception of my line of work as a Saskatoon REALTOR (r). I deal with so many amazing Saskatoon real estate agents from all different companies but every once in awhile I have the displeasure of dealing with someone who makes me want to scream. Okay, sometimes I DO scream, but in the comfort of my own home or car. Other times I hear stories that make me shudder.

The good news is there are often situations even in my business where other Saskatoon real estate agents are willing to lend a hand to a newbie to ensure they don’t end up having to pay for appliances where they may have forgotten to write them into an offer or to pay for any kind of mistake. New real estate agents in Saskatoon often make mistakes. I know I made a few in the beginning but luckily none of them too costly to my own pocket book as when you are starting out and you have to buy someone appliances because the other real estate agent saw your error but didn’t point it out, that can cost you your career.

So, as I always like to say and believe, pay it forward people. You can go home at night and sleep well knowing you didn’t turn a blind eye when someone needed help. As a REALTOR in Saskatoon I know I can go to sleep at night and that is important to me as a Saskatoon real estate agent but more importantly as a human being.

Kari Calder
Century 21 Fusion

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