To Clean Or Not To Clean

Do I really have to ask? Apparently, I do as courtesy seems to disappear sometimes. Recently I have handed over sets of keys to my buyers only to find the house a complete disaster. Dirty, garbage left behind, clearly not left in the condition my clients were hoping to see as they generally don’t have a lot of time to clean before the movers arrive. It is disappointing, but unfortunately it is not a rule that has to be follow, more common courtesy, but common courtesy seems to be lacking more and more these days. Our only hope was that whoever they bought their house from left them with a similar mess, but that negativity also has to stop as where does the ‘pay it backwards’ end? I asked my clients if they would ever leave their house like that, and of course they said no.

I believe it is my duty as an agent to ensure that my clients leave their houses how they would like to find their next house, but not everyone thinks the same way. I know from personal experience when you are moving and you are going to a new house that the last thing you want to do is go back to the old house to clean, but I feel it is only fair to do it. At the very least, go online and find someone who is advertising to make a bit of extra money or ask your friends to help you clean and offer to pay $10-$15/hour, it won’t take long as the house is already empty. If you are “done” with the old house, it is a really good idea to hire someone for a few hours. I am a big believer of karma and fairness and there is nothing worse than going to your new house that you have been waiting and anticipating and looking forward to just to have the excitement dampened by someone else’s ignorance and mess. So be kind, chances are you made a good amount of money on your house given the market we are in, spend a few extra dollars to give your buyers a good possession and a great welcome to their new home, after all, it is their new treasure!

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd.

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