First Time Buyers

I love working with first time buyers as I was also a first time buyer just a couple of years ago and I remember the excitement, trepidation, questions upon questions, and the end result of the greatest sense of pride of ownership as it is so new! Not the house usually, but the sense of pride of finally having your own home and something that is entirely yours. To know that you are not paying someone else’s mortgage is very empowering.

I remember when I first bought, I don’t think I slept from the time the house was bought until I got possession…3 months later!!! I would lie in bed and picture where I would put my furniture, I was out buying furniture and storing it at my friends places until I got my house, and I had my paint picked out 2 months before I even moved in. Was I excited?? Lol, just a wee bit! Luckily everything I bought and picked out fit just fine and when I finally moved in I was able to sleep again.

It is completely normal to get buyer’s remorse though, don’t worry if you do. You almost get ‘cold feet’ but that is okay, just don’t get so scared you decide not to do it as it is normal. I know I did, I was worried I had made a mistake, however I found out that while I was waiting for possession I was building equity as prices were going up, and this was well before our big boom here. Normally this is what should occur. I think with my excitement and not sleeping was also partially worry, but my first night there I knew it was right.

I think one of the biggest reasons I am in real estate is for the highs; and new home buyers’ excitement is contagious and definitely constitutes the highs of the job. There are always lows, even with new home buyers, but it is a big learning curve for them and as agents we have to remember how it feels and to have patience.

It is great to see people as young as 18 getting their foot on that first rung of the real estate ladder.

There are so many options now for people with good credit that it makes it easier and it just makes sense. In general it seems to be much easier for people to get mortgages and with all the options out there with all the different banks, I always advise my clients to shop around to get the best rate and the best option. Just like anything, it is always smart to get a second opinion so ask me if I have someone that might be able to help.

With young first time buyers usually come their parents, which I think is great. They are also usually proud to see their kids getting started in one of the safest investments out there. Some parents are a little over protective and I do have clients who feel the need to apologize, but I also have over protective but very well meaning parents, so I say bring them on! Don’t be afraid to bring them along once we find ‘the one’ for a second look. Be glad if they are there to help you spread your wings, it is a big step for them too and also emotional for them.

Just remember that all of the feelings are normal and not to hesitate to ask me or talk to me about what you are going through as I can help you out. And invite me to your housewarming so I can see how happy you are and the pride you feel!

As always please contact me if you have any questions!

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd.

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