Remember The Snow Storm?

If you have been living in Saskatoon for more than a year I am sure you know the snow storm I am referring to.  On January 10, 2007 the city of Saskatoon was shut down by a massive snow storm.  For those of us who live in Saskatoon and are from Saskatchewan, we tend to pride ourselves in our ability to work through any sort of winter especially when we see cities like Vancouver being shut down with 1cm of snow.  The snow storm we experienced was unlike anything I have ever seen since living in Saskatoon.  I have found it very interesting that people still discuss that storm and what they were doing.  Luckily that day I was working from home.  Many of my friends, however, had to battle through the weather to try and get home.  In some cases people were stuck in traffic for 4 hours and others never made it home from work and stayed until late in the night until the weather broke.  Driving throughout the city the next day was like a scene out of the movie “Day After Tomorrow”.  Many Saskatoon houses were completely buried.  Cars were deserted on the side of the road and in some cases were completely buried in snow.  So where were you and what were you doing during the Saskatoon snow storm of 2007?

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd.

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