Saskatchewan Population Growth!

It is no surprise that our Saskatoon Real Estate market has seen a 50% jump from 2006 when you look at the statistics of population in our province.

Average house prices have risen from $165,000 to over $250,000 which is a 51% increase.

The Saskatoon real estate market was directly impacted by the influx of over 15,000 people in the past year. This finally puts our province above the 1 million mark. You can check out more stats about Saskatchewan at

Saskatchewan’s real estate market took a big jump across the province this year and almost every city and town felt the market go up. People who wanted to buy a nice house in Saskatoon for a good price decided to go to Warman, Martensville and other surrounding towns as they simply could get more bang for their buck in these communities. Due to the demand and the small town feeling next to a big city (big by OUR standards of course!) the prices also started jumping in the surrounding communities.

Saskatoon real estate has finally caught up to some of our neighbouring provinces and the demand for buying houses in Saskatoon has not stopped. One of the reasons there are not a lot of homes for sale in Saskatoon right now is because of the lull over the holidays. The buyer’s market did not slow down as there were plenty of people buying homes in Saskatoon over the holiday season, but the inventory of homes for sale in Saskatoon didn’t keep up.

We do not have enough good labourers in this province to keep up with the demand of new homes to be built.

Houses for sale in Saskatoon seem to be dwindling after the Christmas market as people were here buying but not many people were putting their homes in Saskatoon for sale.

Whether you are looking at buying or selling a house in Saskatoon or the surrounding area feel free to contact me at anytime for further information.

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd.

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