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If you are just starting out in the real estate market in Saskatoon, buying a condo in Saskatoon might be the best start. Buying a house in Saskatoon as a First Time Home Buyer is a lot more challenging than it was a year ago. When you are looking at buying a house now and it is your first time and you cannot spend more than $250,000 and you want to be in a safe area, most buyers are finding that they have no choice but to purchase a condo instead of a house. There is nothing wrong with starting out in a condo in Saskatoon as this is a great way to get into the market.  As many of you know the Saskatoon Real Estate market has seen huge growth and buyers must take that into consideration when looking to get into the market.

Condos in Saskatoon have many positives such as not having to worry about exterior maintenance, some units include water, heat, etc. But you have to do your due diligence and make calls to the appropriate parties (Sask Power/City of Saskatoon/Sask Energy, etc) to confirm what is and is not covered under your monthly condo fees.

Condo living is easy in general and with the growing number of people living in Saskatoon but working out of town for days and weeks at a time, buying a condo in Saskatoon would seem like the best thing to do.

Young condo owners are also growing in leaps and bounds due to the affordability and many people don’t want to worry about a yard, shoveling snow in the winter, exterior maintenance, etc. With our hard working society and many people juggling jobs, school, kids, etc it is nice to live in a condo as it is easier and saves you time.

Older people are also buying condos in Saskatoon as they recognize their limitations in home ownership once they get to a certain age. Instead of fighting it, many people are getting out of their houses and into condos at an earlier age so that they can enjoy life a bit more.

It seems that many people are now buying condos in Saskatoon as both investments and as residences. Unfortunately, many first time buyers want it all but are realizing that they may have to settle for something smaller, just to get their foot in the home owners market of Saskatoon. I am a big advocate of purchasing condos in Saskatoon as that was my first purchase. It got me started in the market and I have since been able to move up to buying a house in Saskatoon.

If an investor is buying in Saskatoon and his or her purpose is to utilize the condo as a rental unit, they are generally helping our community out as our vacancy rate is so low. So, if you are sitting on the fence about whether to buy a house in Saskatoon or buy a condo in Saskatoon, ask yourself what your lifestyle suits best as well as what your bank account can afford.

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Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd.

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