Earth Hour 2008 – Did You Remember?

Last night, people around the world made a statement by turning off all of their lights in their home for 1 full hour between 8pm and 9pm. Major cities across the world participated including smaller cities like Saskatoon.  Check out this YouTube video of Toronto celebrating Earth Hour 2008.

The city of Saskatoon stated they were going to participate in Earth Hour.  I am unaware if they actually did or not as I stayed in my own home, having a dinner by candlelight. I know other organizations like Innovation Place urged their tenants to participate and shut down their office lights during this time.  As I mentioned I stayed home during Earth Hour but was curious on how many people in my area would participate.  At around 7:55 I was very happy to see other Saskatoon home owners in my neighborhood start turning off the lights in their home.  On my street alone I counted at least 10 people shutting off their lights at around 8:00pm.  It was easy to see quite a few people with candles glowing in their homes.  It is great to see Saskatoon as a community take part in such a strong statement. Feel free to comment and share on your Earth Hour experience!

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd. 

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