Gasoline Prices Rise In Saskatoon

Yesterday I posted an article about Tips On Saving Gasonline, it appears that this came at the exact right time.  Yesterday gas prices in the city of Saskatoon hit $1.31.  This is the highest gas prices have ever been and is a direct result of oil hitting over $120 a barrel.  The price increase started at some gas stations yesterday and was slowly spreading over the city.  It is expected that by today gas prices across Saskatoon will hit the $1.31 mark.  Saskatoon and Regina are two of the most expensive cities in Canada to buy gas in right now.  With the upcoming long weekend gas prices could creep up a few more cents.  I have a hard time understanding why gas prices keep going up so quickly considering we are hearing about how oil companies are making record profits.  The higher the gas prices go up the more the tax dollars are generated as well.  You would expect that the government might come in and do something.  It doesn’t like gas prices will decrease anytime soon and could be as high as $1.50 a litre by the summer.  Be sure to keep an eye out for cheaper gas.

You can read more about the gas increase at the Saskatoon Star Phoenix website.

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