How To Find Cheaper Gas In Saskatoon

With gas prices increasing in Saskatoonit is important for consumers to realize that they have options in finding cheaper gas throughout the city.  You can’t expect to save a ton of money but as a Saskatoon home owner, every little bit counts.  It is predicted that gas prices will shoot up over the next 3 months to almost $1.50 a litre and this often happens during the day before people get off work.  Usually there are a few gas stations that will wait until the following day but eventually they all go up.  Below are some tips on how to source out cheaper gasoline in Saskatoon.

Use The Internet – there are many websites on the net like that will provide you information on the current price of gas for many of the gas stations across Saskatoon.  The information is updated pretty regularly so if you are looking for the cheapest place to fill up, check out this website.

Consider A Reward Card – Many companies offer reward cards and they all differ slightly.  Some companies like the Saskatoon Co-op offer rewards so basically at the end of the year you get a % back in all the purchases you’ve done with them.  Other gas stations work in conjunction with Air Miles (which anyone buying real estate with a Saskatoon Century 21 Realtoris eligible for as well) and other reward programs. 

Take Advantage of Coupons – With gas prices going up you will start to see stores taking advantage of this and trying to offer you deals to get you into the store.  On more than a few occasions I have seen coupons from Superstore offering .20 cents off a litre with a grocery purchase of $200 or more.  Other companies offer deals like this as well, just be sure to keep your eyes open.

These are only a few ways for Saskatoon home owners and anyone else to save money on gas.  It will be important to take note of these.  In many cases you can use multiple methods at one location.  For example, at Shell you can use an Air Miles card and you can also pay with a credit card that produces Air Miles so essentially you are doubling up.  You can redeem Air Miles for gas, trips, electronics and a whole variety of things.  If you have additional tips be sure to include them!

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd.

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