BEWARE – High Pressure Alarm Sales in Saskatoon

By June 11th, 2009 the Better Business Bureau of Saskatchewan had already received hundreds of calls from concerned consumers about high pressure salespeople coming to their homes. I received an email from the owner of Reed Security in Saskatoon on Monday asking the recipients to warn any of their clients, friends, and family with alarm systems to beware. One of his clients was approached by a salesperson who worked for “Reed Security” while his client knew that this young man did not, he saw the sticker on his front door and lied. The salesperson was trying to get him to take the “Free Upgraded Alarm System” which would actually cost $45/month and it wasn’t even through the current supplier.

There are 3 company names being used, at least, but it is actually just 1 company out of the United States. In some cases they are even saying that they are members of the Better Business Bureau of Saskatchewan. These pitches have been going on for a few weeks and if a person says yes to the install, often times the systems are in within a couple of hours. The salespeople are very aggressive and can often be obnoxious and nasty by some accounts.

It is advisable to always get 3 quotes when it comes to anything in your home; from painting to carpet cleaning to alarm systems. Also be sure to check with the BBB before signing anything with any company to make sure that the company is registered in Saskatchewan or your local province.

I personally recommend locally owned alarm companies like Reed Security and when a client buys a house for sale in Saskatoon I give them a Reed Security brochure. So watch out for these high pressure sales people and trust who your friends and family and neighbours trust…don’t listen to these sales tactics if they tell you your neighbour “Frank” signed up…ask Frank first, don’t take the sales people’s words.

To read more on this visit this article.

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd.

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