On A More Serious Note

On a more serious note regarding technology in our daily lives, I chose to write a bit about Neda, Angel of Iran. The recent death video of Neda Agha Soltan has become an Internet symbol of the demonstrations and increased pressure on Iran in its battle with foreign media. Her heartbreaking death was captured on camera and has spread quickly on the internet, making her a symbol of the opposition movement. 

Iran authorities, meanwhile, said they would teach an exemplary lesson to ‘rioters’ held in the worst unrest since the beginning of the Islamic Republic. They also accused Western powers of inciting the violence.
It has been insisted that she was an innocent bystander, stepping out of a car to cool down. The film shows Neda moments after she was hit in the chest by a bullet while watching the protests on Saturday with her father on a Tehran street.

At least 10 protestors were killed on Saturday when violence reached its peak and about 7 more the week before. Many of these deaths have been filmed by fellow demonstrators, posted on the internet, and viewed hundreds of thousands of times by people around the world.

Iran has accused protesters of being backed by the West, the US, and Britain and have paraded young demonstrators who have been arrested on state television, apparently confessing to being incited by foreign news broadcasts.

Hundreds of riot police and Basij militiamen on Tehran’s main squares appear to have put an end to the mass protests against the June 12th election. Reformists believe that the election was rigged in favour of hardline president Mahmoud Ahmandinejad.

There are groups on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc all in respect and mourning of Neda, Angel of Iran.

My respectful condolences to Neda’s loved ones. She will be forever marked in our memories with great sadness.

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